The Tea Party - October 2002 Tour


Date Venue Status
Fri 04 Oct, 2002 Nambour RSL Club, Nambour
Sat 05 Oct, 2002 ANZ Stadium, Brisbane
Sun 06 Oct, 2002 Mingara RSL Club, Mingara
Mon 07 Oct, 2002 Sydney Showgrounds, Sydney
Tue 08 Oct, 2002 Metro City, Perth
Thu 10 Oct, 2002 Memorial Drive, Adelaide
Sat 12 Oct, 2002 Colonial Stadium, Melbourne


The Tea Party are set to descend on Aussie soil for a second time this year, and whilst fans eagerly anticipate their performance on the M One festivals, follower's in Perth had better prepare themselves for yet another ambitious live club performance from their favourite Canadian band.

Confirmed to perform on the M One Festival, The Tea Party will also be playing a spin off show at Metro City on Tuesday 8th October.

Renowned for powerful performances, the talented trio - Jeff Martin, Stuart Chatwood and Jeff Burrows - were ignited almost a decade ago when the three friends were exploring what could be accomplished with one guitar, bass and drums. It is the same inspirational drive that brought them together in the first place that continues to fuel the string of musical successes that fans have come to expect.

Raw sonic tapestries laden with power, vibrant imageries and transcendental tones are all signature to The Tea Party and that is exactly what is reflected on their latest album The Interzone Mantras. Recorded in 20 days in Quebec, Jeff Martin travelled to Prague in Czech Republic last year to write the lyrics. The aural landscapes, streets full of artists and poets and the opportunity of being alone with music are all factors towards Jeff succeeding in his challenge to make the poetics of the record as potent and resonant as the music itself.

With the release of The Interzone Mantras, The Tea Party has reasserted itself as one of Canada's premiere bands, proving once again the grand sonic sojourn they've shared with the world since 1993 is far from over.

With his popularity rising rapidly, local Aussie artist Nathan Gaunt will be supporting the gig.

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