1. Em Rusciano | Powerhouse performer announces national 15-date 'Outgrown' tour for July - August 2024

    Em Rusciano | Powerhouse performer announces national 15-date 'Outgrown' tour for July - August 2024

    17 Apr 2024

    Em Rusciano is back with a brand-new live experience and her first big national tour since her wildly successful 'Rage and Rainbows' show in 2019, and look yes, she is still angry, but now she knows why. 

    Em Rusciano in conjunction with Frontier Touring presents - Outgrown

    Em Rusciano says: “The last five years have been brutal, beautiful and bonkers. To be completely honest, they challenged everything I ever believed about myself, to my core. Not to be dramatic, but the term “complete ego death” wouldn’t be out of place here. I’m limping out the other side of it now and felt that it was high time I got myself back on a stage, in an elaborate costume, to work shop my trauma, via an over the top all out musical comedy extravaganza. As one does!” 

    Covering all corners of the country, Em plays Toowoomba, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Wollongong, Sydney, Adelaide, Perth, Bunbury, Ballarat, Newcastle, Canberra, Albury, Launceston, Hobart and Melbourne

    Frontier Member presale commences Friday 19 April from 12noon local time before the general on sale kicking off Tuesday 23 April from 10am local time.  Tickets and tour info

    Since last you met, Em was given the surprise diagnostic trifecta of - ADHD, Autism and behind door number three: early menopause! Any one of these revelations would rock most people to their core, but Em’s always been a show off, so of course she had to win at diagnosis Yahtzee. 

    Once she picked herself up off the ground (it took one to two business working years) she set about exploring what all of this meant, and along the way delivered a powerful speech about finding out she was neuro-divergent, at the National Press Club of Australia.  

    Outgrown is a hilarious, searing and multi-sensory look at the beauty that can emerge, after everything has been burned to the ground. 

    About Em Rusciano 

    Writer, singer, stand-up comedian and podcast maven, Em Rusciano is powerhouse performer who truly does it all.  

    Em’s podcast ‘Emsolation’ was picked up as Australia’s FIRST ever Spotify exclusive and came second in the Australian Podcast awards in the People’s Choice category. Emsolation is now produced by Em’s production company Down The Hill Studios and they debuted at number one on the Apple Podcast comedy charts on their first week of independence. They’ve also launched a hugely successful premium subscription offering, Emsolation Extra on top of their weekly regular episode. 

    Em’s best-selling first book Try Hard: Tales from the Life of a Needy Overachiever went to the top of the iBook charts before it was even released, with great critical and public acclaim. After release, the self-narrated audiobook version reached the top of the iTunes charts and was nominated for the ABIA Audiobook of the year award. 

    Em’s social media community is fierce, loud, and passionately loyal. With a Facebook following of over 280,000 fans and 240,000 on Instagram, she has a weekly social media reach of up to 10 million and is an extremely in-demand content creator. Em has worked on campaigns for Amazon, Telstra, The Body Shop and Uncle Toby’s to name a few. 

    Em is an engaging and unique keynote speaker; in 2022 she was invited to address the prestigious National Press Club of Australia on the subject of ADHD and her son’s autism. She has been widely praised for the speech and the effect it’s had on helping to remove the stigma around neuro-divergence. Em has become a fierce advocate for the Autistic and ADHD community.  

    Em is one of the highest selling Australian comics, having spent the last seven years touring the country annually with her sell out, stand-up comedy concerts. Em’s 2019 one-hour comedy special ‘Rage and Rainbows’ was a rating smash on Network Ten, with original music Em wrote with Australian music royalty Kate Miller-Heidke. 

    Rusciano is in firm command of her career and shows no signs of (calming) slowing down. She’s the answer to the question, can someone be both a national treasure and a chaotic force of nature.

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