Hot Hot Heat & The Kills - Australian Tour 2003


Date Venue Status
Thu 07 Aug, 2003 The Zoo, Brisbane
Fri 08 Aug, 2003 Gaelic Club, Sydney
Sat 09 Aug, 2003 Gaelic Club, Sydney
Mon 11 Aug, 2003 Esplanade Hotel, Melbourne
Tue 12 Aug, 2003 Esplanade Hotel, Melbourne


Blazing guitar riffs, attitude by the bucket load and sizzling vocals are heading our way this August. Yes, the rumours ARE true.

Hot Hot Heat and The Kills and The Kills and Hot Hot Heat will blow the roof tops off venues in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Confused about the repetition? There are no prima donnas on this tour, with both bands headlining. On any given night the order that the bands appear may change with audiences kept on their toes from start to finish.

Both The Kills and Hot Hot Heat have inspired rapturous praise and convincing assertions that these bands will survive and surpass the sudden deluge of musicians of the indie pop rock persuasion.

Rough Trade Magazine enthused that The Kills "play with more style and flair than almost any band in a scene where the former is usually all that matters." NME wrote that Hot Hot Heat's "Bandages does what all great pop music should: it puts the rest in the shade."

The Australian dates won't be the first time the two bands have teamed up, with both confirmed to appear at the Siren Music Festival at Coney Island, New York in July. There is little doubt that both these bands are heading for the big time, and The Frontier Touring Company are thrilled to present this action packed double bill.

Hot Hot Heat's latest album Make Up The Breakdown is out now through Warner Music and is already a firm favourite with Triple J listeners, with five songs off the album already in rotation. The Kills' album Keep On Your Mean Side (Liberation Music) is also filling the airwaves of Triple J and public radio, raking in critical acclaim from some of the world's most discerning media.

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