Date Venue Status
Thu 28 Mar, 19 - Sun 21 Apr, 19 Melbourne Town Hall - All Ages
Thu 9 May, 19 - Sat 11 May, 19 Regal Theatre (Regal Chorus Room), Perth - All Ages
Thu 16 May, 19 - Sun 19 May, 19 Enmore Theatre (Wild Oats Wine Bar), Sydney - All Ages


Performing at: Sydney Comedy Festival, Perth Comedy Festival & Melbourne International Comedy Festival

Alice Fraser is a word geek, polymath, ex-academic and ex-corporate lawyer. She studied law at Sydney Uni and English Literature (Rhetoric) at Cambridge before plunging herself into the soul destroying furnace of corporate life in New York City. Eventually she found herself spending more time writing jokes than litigation and bowed to the inevitable.

Alice has built a reputation for doing comedy that is not just comedy – genre bending, gut-wrenching, heart-breaking, life affirming, existential, challenging, sometimes filthy and occasionally musical.

Alice has taken her passion for comedy, writing and performing around the world - with sold-out shows from Edinburgh to London, New York to Cambridge to rural Australia and the middle east. She’s been compared to Daniel Kitson and her wildly ambitious Trilogy as well as brilliant guest hosting of British satirical comedy podcast sensation The Bugle (hosted by Andy Zaltzman) have earned her a ferocious cult following.

In MYTHOS, Alice comes to terms with stories, myths and lies. She knows she’s been lying to herself. But haven’t we all? It started a long time ago. Like... a really long time ago. In her new comedic experiment Mythos, Alice takes on the stories and lies that we tell ourselves about ourselves. Does Australia exist? How do you prove who you are? Is beauty truth? Is truth beautiful? What does anything even mean anymore? Let Alice tell you. Why not.

★★★★★ "Brilliant. Any subject is up for grabs from binary code to googly eyes to to sock puns to RuPaul’s Drag Race, and it all ties together somehow" Edinburgh Guide (UK)

"A world-class entertainer … an incredibly fascinating and enjoyably weird piece of theatre" The Music


Melbourne Town Hall (Portico Room) / Mondays (Backstage Room)
Thu 28 Mar – Sun 21 Apr

Enmore Theatre (Wild Oats Wine Bar), Sydney (All Ages)
Thu 16 May – Sun 19 May

Regeal Theatre (Regal Chorus Room), Perth (All Ages)
Thu 9 May – Sat 11 May

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