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Mon 07 Feb, 2011 Oxford Art Factory, Sydney - 18+
Thu 10 Feb, 2011 East Brunswick Club, Melbourne - 18+

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In an exciting move, The Frontier Touring Company is thrilled to announce the first ever Australian tour for American indie duo JENNY & JOHNNY, the band will play two headline shows in Sydney and Melbourne in February 2011. The duo, comprised of the divine Jenny Lewis and her creative and real-life partner Johnathan Rice, have been making waves with their debut album I’m Having Fun Now and are set to become a must see act of 2011.

Lewis, of previous Rilo Kiley fame, possesses a voice of pure grace and the assurance and talent of a star. Combined with the smooth masculine voice and production value of Rice’s playing it is clear that the two are a match made in musical heaven.

I’m Having Fun Now is full of gorgeous harmonies and upbeat tunes that are reminiscent of 1970’s Californian pop- it’s a combination of brilliant musicianship and lyrical genius with a subtle dark side that only adds to its intrigue. To help with the production of the album were old friends Mike Mogis (Bright Eyes) and Pierre de Reeder (Rilo Kiley).

The duo began working together in 2005, when Rice made a guest appearance on Lewis’ first solo album, Rabbit Fur Coat. Lewis in return sang on Rice’s own solo debut, Trouble Is Real, and the two continued their partnership after Rice joined Lewis’ touring band the following year. Following the Rabbit Fur Coat tour, Lewis and Rice began working on new projects, including Rice’s sophomore effort Further North, Lewis’ Acid Tongue, and the Elvis Costello record Momofuku.

And thus Jenny & Johnny were born; I’m Having Fun Now was recorded in the winter of 2009 and released a year later in August 2010. First single ‘Scissor Runner’ is a celebration of structure and harmony with a magnetic chorus that will leave you craving more of Lewis’ compelling voice. Critics agree that the duo have formed something special in Jenny & Johnny:

    “..the record is a model of musical egalitarianism. J&J's vocals blend beautifully throughout — sweet     harmony that makes discord go down easy.” – Rolling Stone

     “Most of the album’s stellar moments belong to Jenny Lewis, blessed as she is with a sweeping     voice and the songwriting nous to make it work. Her arcing tone cuts through the guitar scurf in the     chorus of Big Wave, even as she employs a Neko Case-ish breathiness.” – Faster Louder

    “They’re in love; they’re rocking out; they’re simply enjoying themselves. I’m Having Fun Now is a     good time for your ears, and hopefully the start of more collaborations between the two lovebirds.” –     Alt Press

Catch Jenny & Johnny as they head down under for two exclusive headline shows and Laneway Festival. Are you having fun yet? Need to know more – visit

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