What sort of tickets will I be able to buy in a pre-sale?

Frontier Members pre-sales offer a ticket allocation in all ticket categories for our Members to purchase. However, it is important that you note that tickets of equal quality will be held aside for the general public on-sale, so the decision to purchase through the pre-sale is yours alone.

On rare occasions, ticket packages may be available for purchase through third party websites related to the artist and/or tour (for example, the artist’s website or fan club). These packages are not always available in the Frontier Members pre-sale – any information on the packages will always be clearly stated in the Tour Dates section of the artist tour page.

Obviously the benefit of purchasing through the pre-sale is that fewer people have access to it, and you stand a good chance of getting the tickets you want. However if you're not happy with the tickets that are available to you through the pre-sale, we recommend that you wait and try for the general public on-sale.