What is my unique pre-sale code?

Your unique pre-sale code is a combination of letters and numbers unique to your Frontier Membership which gives you access to most of our pre-sales. In some instances, your pre-sale code will be a set code word rather than your unique code.

You can always find your show-specific pre-sale code by signing into the Frontier website and viewing the ‘Pre-Sale Info’ section on the artist tour page.

It is important that you do not share your pre-sale code with others as once it is used in a pre-sale, it will not be able to be used again for that particular show. You may use it for the pre-sale of a different show date on the same tour.

If you are joining as a new Member, your pre-sale code will be emailed to you shortly after signing up.

When we have a pre-sale, we email our Members a pre-sale e-card which contains their personalised pre-sale information.  You can also access this information when you’re signed into our website on the tour page by visiting the pre-sale section.

Whilst signed in, we recommend that you email the information to yourself in advance of the pre-sale (click on the email icon) as our site can become congested during pre-sale periods.  If you have the information in the email handy, you will be able to proceed directly to the ticketing website.