Why are there no tickets available? I went to the ticketing site as soon as the sale started!

It’s likely that all tickets were on ‘dibs’, a hold status used by most ticketing agency. 

We could explain the ‘dibs’ process in writing, but we thought it would be better explained in video form. With chocolate. 

Click here to view our guide to the ‘dibs’ system.


When someone is processing a purchase of tickets, those tickets go into a hold status – known as "dibs" – and are no longer available to other customers. The tickets remain on "dibs" until the customer completes the transaction or the transaction times out or is abandoned. Those tickets then go back into the central system for the next customer to draw from. So basically, if there are a number of customers just looking and not buying at the beginning of the pre-sale, those tickets may become available again in a matter of minutes.

Our website and social networking pages are updated immediately after the ticket allocation for a pre-sale has been exhausted. Keep an eye out on these pages for the latest information. If the show’s pre-sale allocation is not listed as sold out then keep trying!

More tickets will be available of equal quality to those in this pre-sale when tickets go on sale to the general public. It is entirely your choice whether you continue trying in the pre-sale or wait until the sale to the general public.