Where do I purchase tickets?

Frontier Touring is a concert promoter – we do not sell tickets. All tickets to Frontier tours are transacted through a given show’s authorised ticketing agency (i.e. Ticketek, Ticketmaster, Oztix, Moshtix).

We strongly recommend only purchasing tickets through the show’s authorised ticketing agency. The best way to ensure this is to only follow the links listed on the Frontier Touring website, our social media and our emails. 

Frontier Members pre-sales are online only. Tickets are transacted on the authorised ticketing agency’s website. Only that ticketing agency will have access to your credit card details. You will usually need to be a member of the ticketing agency in order to buy from them online in the pre-sale.

You do not need to visit Frontier’s website during a pre-sale. All that you need from Frontier is your pre-sale code. 

Once tickets are on sale to the general public, you also have the option to purchase over the phone or at a ticketing outlet.