How do I purchase pre-sale tickets?

IMPORTANT: Tickets are purchased on the ticketing agency’s website - you DO NOT need to use Frontier’s website during the pre-sale.

Take note of your pre-sale code listed in the red MY PRE-SALE INFO section of the artist’s tour page and keep it handy.

Take note of your pre-sale’s start time – this information can be found in either the MY PRE-SALE INFO or TOUR DATES & TICKETING section of the artist’s tour page on the Frontier website.

When your pre-sale begins, head to the authorised ticketing agency’s website.

You can either bookmark the direct ticketing link from the TOUR DATES & TICKETING section of the artist’s tour page well in advance, or visit the authorised ticketign agency’s website directly and enter the artist’s name in the search bar.

On the ticketing page, select your chosen show date/venue and enter your pre-sale code in the box that appears to proceed with your transaction.

You may need to enter your ticketing agency log in information to complete your purchase - make sure you are signed up as a member of the ticketing website well in advance.

If you are in the process of purchasing tickets and the website is asking you to log in, it is asking you to log in using your authorised ticketing agency log-in details. This is completely separate to your Frontier log-in info.

All you need from Frontier to participate in the pre-sale is your pre-sale code.