What does Frontier Touring do to prevent ticket scalping?

Frontier Touring limits the number of tickets individuals can purchase to a concert. On shows that are considered to be particularly popular, numbers may be greatly limited and special measures may be employed such as lining up in person to purchase tickets, ticket suppression and/or photo identification being required to enter a seat/venue on the night.

We monitor prominent auction sites and unauthorised resellers for tickets that are being sold in breach of our authorised ticketing agencies’ Terms of Sale.

It is worth noting that it is against the Listing Policy of most auction sites and unauthorised resellers to offer products that are not physically in the seller’s possession.

Unfortunately these measures can often inconvenience the fans we're trying to protect; however these are the current methods available to us to limit and control scalping. You should seriously consider whether to buy tickets from a scalper.

Our hope is that the various Governments will introduce anti-scalping legislation that will protect and look after the interest of honest fans. We welcome the Queensland Government's proactive anti-scalping stance and their introduction of new laws aimed at abolishing scalping in Queensland.

Australians and New Zealanders are passionate about their music, sport and entertainment and, we believe, shouldn't be taken advantage of by unscrupulous individuals.