Wed 30 Nov, 2011 East Brunswick Club, Melbourne - 18+
Tue 06 Dec, 2011 The Standard, Sydney - 18+
Fri 09 Dec, 2011 Alhambra Lounge, Brisbane - 18+

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What better way for hardcore punk ensemble F**KED UP to celebrate their third studio offering David Comes To Life (out now through Matador) by bringing their mind blowing performances to Australia as special guests of Foo Fighters and throwing in two intimate headline shows whilst in the country!

As audiences and critics familiar with their shows can attest, this is not your usual punk gig….F**ked Up are much, much more than that:

“Few bands today can match F**ked Up’s electrifying stage presence… Bodies collided and flew into the walls of more timid onlookers; but there was no violence felt, no desire to hurt one another. For all its musical aggression, F**ked Up’s show is a positive experience.” – CLASH MUSIC

“In the age of the tell-all confessional pop star blog or ‘indie’ bands who hire image consultants before they even sign a record deal, Toronto hardcore punk troupe F**ked Up possess that rare and precious thing: mystique… Really, you can only wish that there were more bands around like this.” – NME

“They rolled through a dozen songs with as much grace as energy, laying out gymnastic riff combinations as tight as they were surprising, as curiously meandering as they were self-assured… Despite the wall of guitars and its lead singer, Pink Eye (born Damian Abraham), whose scream-singing could turn “Over the Rainbow” into an existential death march, what F— Up does is rather beautiful.” – LA TIMES

“It’s not lost on us how immensely gifted the band behind him are, no matter how little they may share the spotlight. Matching fundamental rock‘n’roll with progressive escapism, F**ked Up offer crafted chaos at its most thrilling.” – THE-FLY.CO.UK

Despite having toured the world over for nearly a decade, F**ked Up keep to smaller venues to give fans the chance to really band together…and turn the place into one giant stomping ground! However, this does mean tickets to these headline shows will be in very high demand so get your act together and move fast or risk missing out.

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