Devendra Banhart


Wed 27 Jul, 2011 Metro Theatre, Sydney - 18+
Fri 29 Jul, 2011 Prince Bandroom, Melbourne - 18+

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The Frontier Touring Company are pleased to announce singer-songwriter Devendra Banhart will perform headline shows at Sydney’s Metro Theatre and Melbourne’s Prince bandroom this July.

Deemed by Pitchfork as ‘a major voice in new folk music’, Devendra Banhart’s eccentric mix of lyrical musings, warbling vocals, folk rhythms and vibrant melodies saw him likened to Van Morrison, John Lennon and Jeff Buckley before he was crowned a preeminent force within the growing freak-folk genre.

The multilingual musician will be performing live renditions of his wonderful stylistically diverse songs such as ‘Lover’, ‘Chinese Children’, ‘I Feel Just Like A Child’ and ‘Little Yellow Spider’.

Fans and critics around the world have praised his deft vocal and guitar skills, remarking upon his buoyant, idiosyncratic performances:

‘Banhart seemed slightly manic yet strangely endearing, the rare eccentric who could turn the lightest of larks into irresistible bits of tunes.’ - Pitchfork

‘Giddy grooves on a perfect summer afternoon from freak-folk's irrepressible man-child.’ –

‘He filches from a variety of genres -- Brazilian Tropicalia, glam rock, lounge jazz, Zeppelin-like psychedelia -- but it never sounds awkward. He loosens the stitches on each to fashion his own unique costume.’ – LA Times

‘A fantastic show that brought listeners on a journey through time, space, and a multitude of sounds. This is one musician that continuously manages to impress music lovers with his outlandish lyrics, unconcealed eccentricity, and amazingly talented songwriting skills.’ –

Join Devendra Banhart in frolicking the night away, tour details and ticketing information below.


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