I went to buy tickets as soon as the pre-sale started, but no tickets were available. What's going on?

With today's technology it is possible for entire shows to sell out in a matter of minutes - in some cases, seconds!

Our website and social networking pages are updated immediately after the ticket allocation for a pre-sale has been exhausted. Keep an eye out on these pages for the latest information. If the show’s presale allocation is not listed as sold out then keep trying!

When someone is processing a purchase of tickets, those tickets go in to a hold status – known as "dibs" – and are no longer available to other customers. The tickets remain on "dibs" until the customer completes the transaction or the transaction times out or is abandoned. Those tickets then go back into the central system for the next customer to draw from. So basically, if there are a number of customers just looking and not buying at the beginning of the pre-sale, those tickets may become available again in a matter of minutes.

This is also why you can sometimes try to buy tickets at the very second that they go on sale for an extremely popular event and find that there are no tickets available - the entire event is on "dibs". If 2,500 fans have 4 tickets each on dibs then 10,000 tickets have been removed from the system. This is how entire shows can seem to sell out straight away. The best thing to do is to keep trying, inevitably some may get dropped back off dibs and you may be able to secure them then.

It is for this reason also that you may find that someone who bought tickets after you has secured better seats than you did. This is because they've secured tickets that someone else dropped back from dibs. Most ticketing systems are programmed to give you the best tickets available at the time that you begin your transaction.

It is also important that you keep in mind that the pre-sales are only an allocation of the tickets available at that venue. Tickets of equal quality to those offered in the pre-sale in all ticket categories are kept aside for the general public on-sale.