We Want To Be Better


Date Venue Status
Sat 30 Mar, 2019 The Comic's Lounge, Melbourne - All Ages


Listen to Annie & Bianka’s We Want To Be Better podcast HERE!

An upskilling podcast unlike any other, the feel-good We Want To Be Better thrives on humour, self-deprecation, self-acceptance, and friendship. With their distinctively edgy and sassy approach, Annie and Bianka bring a dose of refreshing positivity to Australian comedy podcasting. After a sold-out trial run at Melbourne Fringe, the girls make their Melbourne International Comedy Festival (MICF) debut at the Comic’s Lounge with an afternoon show in March.

Each week, Annie and Bianka identify something they're not super great at and challenge themselves to be better. Conceived in 2017, this concept and their fresh, honest approach has proven so popular that they hit #1 in the iTunes Comedy charts and are frequently found in the Top Ten, collecting 25,000 downloads a month.

Through a combination of sharp wit, hilarious life commentary and brutal honesty, the girls discuss their attempts and endeavours to be, well, better. While they are already pretty fabulous, there’s always room for improvement.

Kind, responsible and goofy Annie is an outgoing mother of three with a home that is constantly buzzing with flocks of rescued animals. Coined the “Anti-WAG” of the AFL by the media thanks to her alternative lifestyle and willingness to make bold statements, Annie’s life often makes headlines. Bianka’s confidence and carefree attitude is infectious. She is the voice of reason to Annie’s overthinking nature. With the over-confident, semi-vulgar pop culture queen and party gal Bianka as Annie’s foil, the pair’s fans have coined the question, “Are you an Annie or a Bianka?”

Just some of the love from iTunes reviews…

★★★★★ "Always so real, funny, informative and honest. I binged this all week, made me laugh, cry and look at my own beliefs. Keep it up girls! I love it!" - Larnsy

★★★★★ "Utter Fanboy here. This podcast is truly amazing - completely sincere but not saccharine, and the laughs just keep on rolling. Most importantly, it manages to be hilarious yet somehow managing to instil a sense of social advocacy without being preachy" - fijisushi108       

★★★★★ "I just spent a week on holidays laughing out loud on my sun lounger like a weirdo at your funny stories. Keep up the candour, comedy and being so freakin cool” - CBINZI

In the landscape of current Australian society and feminist empowerment, this modest podcast is just want we need to hear. It’s inclusive. Not only because you feel like you’re spending time with friends, but also because they’re on a mission for understanding others, and social inclusion.

Take a break from worrying about your own ineptitudes and listen to Annie and Bianka openly discussing their own.  Say goodbye to Googling “how-to” – this podcast is about grabbing on to life, giving things a try, and accepting (and to be honest, expecting) failures along the way.


The Comic’s, Melbourne
Sat 30 Mar

Sun 7 Jul – 
Astor Theatre, Perth 

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