Velvet Revolver - Rock & 'n' Roll Across Australasia


Date Venue Status
Thu 17 Feb, 2005 Westpac Centre, Christchurch
Sat 19 Feb, 2005 The Supertop - Ericsson Stadium, Auckland
Mon 21 Feb, 2005 Brisbane Entertainment Centre, Brisbane
Wed 23 Feb, 2005 Hordern Pavilion, Sydney
Thu 24 Feb, 2005 Hordern Pavilion, Sydney
Sat 26 Feb, 2005 Adelaide Entertaiment Centre, Adelaide
Sun 27 Feb, 2005 Vodafone Arena, Melbourne
Wed 02 Mar, 2005 Challenge Stadium, Perth



SCREAMING JETS confirmed as National support

With one of rock's most charismatic frontmen SCOTT WEILAND (formerly of Stone Temple Pilots), guitarist SLASH, bassist DUFF MCKAGAN, drummer MATT SORUM (former members of one of rock's greatest groups Guns N' Roses), and guitarist DAVE KUSHNER (ex-Wasted Youth, Electric Love Hogs), Velvet Revolver truly dominated the rock world in 2004.

Velvet Revolver have built on the success of their platinum-plus debut album Contraband and two #1 U.S. rock singles with an impressive three Grammy nominations for Best Rock Album, Best Hard Rock Performance ("Slither") and Best Rock Song ("Fall To Pieces").

Touring Australia and New Zealand in 2005, the tour hails the return of the three Guns 'n Roses boys together for the first time since their record breaking Australasian Guns 'n Roses tour in 1993 where they performed before 180, 000 people across three nights. Notably, it will be Weiland and Kushner's first ever visit down under.

Velvet Revolver evolved after Slash, McKagan and Sorum performed together at a benefit for long time friend and fellow musician Randy Castillo in 2002. The chemistry of old was instantly tangible and the three started to contemplate a long term arrangement. They recruited Weiland and Kushner to their cause and Velvet Revolver was born.

For their incendiary performances, VELVET REVOLVER are earning an array of critical praise.

"Scott Weiland was amazing as lead singer, as he writhed and twisted and splayed himself over speaker cabinets. His dark, ominous voice sounded even better than on the album... Slash lifted every song with his inventive, blues-based guitar solos, especially on the power ballad 'Fall to Pieces' and the rocking 'Set Me Free' when he and second guitarist Dave Kushner traded riffs."

--Patrick MacDonald, SEATTLE TIMES, June 7, 2004

"...Weiland [turned in]... a riveting performance... Weiland sang back to back with guitar ace Slash ripping through tunes, he climbed the drum riser to get up-close appreciation of Sorum's beats and he worked the front rows like the pro he is."

-- Dan Aquilante, NEW YORK POST, May 28, 2004.

"Slash, in particular, was masterful. McKagan and Sorum are still an incendiary rhythm section..."

--Joan Anderman, BOSTON GLOBE, May 31, 2004

"On stage, the wafer-thin Weiland morphs into one of the best lead singers in rock 'n' roll."

--Michael D. Clark, HOUSTON CHRONICLE, November 1, 2004

"Weiland exuded arrogance and sexiness with his machismo swagger while he sang. His magnetic stage presence could not be denied as he careened from side-to-side while dancing his way all over the stage...Slash reminded everyone why his name should be mentioned alongside Hendrix, Clapton and Stevie Ray Vaughn in the pantheon of guitar gods."

--Travis Hay, SEATTLE POST-INTELLIGENCER, June 7, 2004

While the band are attracting rave reviews for their concerts, the reaction to Velvet Revolver's debut album Contraband (out now through Sony BMG) has been similarly positive. Rolling Stone calls the album a "powerhouse", Newsweek describes the band as "truly explosive" and Maxim says "Slash and Scott Weiland bring unpredictability back to rock."

Fans in Australia and New Zealand attending a Velvet Revolver gig can expect to be treated to new Contraband hits such as Slither and Fall To Pieces as well as a selection of much loved Guns 'n Roses and Stone Temple Pilots hits.

Velvet Revolver have been conquering the US and UK in 2004 and now the wait is finally over for Australia and New Zealand with Velvet Revolver heading our way in 2005 with a tour that will rock the rafters of your local venue. Make sure you snap up tickets when they go on sale on Friday 17th December, because they won't stick around long.

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