The Dresden Dolls - Australian Tour 2004


Date Venue Status
Wed 15 Dec, 2004 The Zoo, Brisbane
Thu 16 Dec, 2004 Annandale Hotel, Sydney
Fri 17 Dec, 2004 Ding Dong Lounge, Melbourne

As Drowned In Sound put it; “synchronise your watches – the hype starts here.”

For the first time ever, Boston bred band The Dresden Dolls are Australia bound, with concerts in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. And if the overseas vibe on this band is anything to go by, this is a show that you’re going to want to be at.

The Drowned In Sound review declared, “apart from being exceptionally talented musicians, Palmer and Viglione are an astonishing live act and they’re about as tight as any band could be without having started their jam sessions in the womb.”

While Pitchfork Media reviewer Michael Idov wrote “this is the first time I’m writing a review knowing that the act will be huge…the signs are all there – the hypnotically effective show, the celebrity fans (among them Beck and Perry Farrell), and the long line for crappy homemade demos after each gig.”

Described as brechtian punk cabaret, The Dresden Dolls is comprised of Amanda Palmer (vocals, piano) and Brian Viglione (drums, guitars). Formed in 2000 (the two met at a Halloween party) the hype has kicked into overdrive in 2004. The duos highly stylised, individual cabaret rock formula had people lined up for hours to catch them at this year’s South by Southwest – solely on word of mouth.

Earlier this year The Dresden Dolls received five nominations for the Boston Music Awards (more than hometown heroes Aerosmith) and took home three awards – the most of any nominated artist. Unable to attend the awards in person, they submitted a video acceptance speech, delivered by sock puppets.

Their self titled album (out now through Roadrunner) was earlier this year dubbed by Rolling Stone as wickedly ironic, and is by almost all accounts, a must for the CD player this year.

On stage, Palmer and Viglione emanate their love of punk, indie rock and other contemporary music genres. While Palmer often appears in Geisha type face paint and striped tights, Viglione is the perfect foil sporting a bowler hat, a suit, stark white makeup and deep red lips.

Experience The Dresden Dolls for yourself and check out their shows this December.

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