The Dirtbombs - Australian Tour 2004


Date Venue Status
Tue 30 Mar, 2004 The Tote, Melbourne
Wed 31 Mar, 2004 Barwon Club, Melbourne
Thu 01 Apr, 2004 Ding Dong Lounge, Melbourne
Sat 03 Apr, 2004 Gaelic Club, Sydney

We could tell you all about the Dirtbombs.

We could tell you that The Age called them "one of the hottest bands in the world" and that NME declared them "life affirming." In fact, if we really wanted to make an impression, we'd tell you that they are often cited as one of the strongest influences on global success story The White Stripes.

We could also let you know that they're coming to Australia shortly for a series of intimate shows. And that their special guests will change each night and include acts like Leo Slayer, The Dynamos, The Double Agents, The Pictures, The Cants and The Cops.

We could also let you know all about their album Dangerous Magical Noise (out now on In-Fidelity) and the fact that any self-respecting CD collection would already sport it. But really,what's the point.We know that you read the first line, skimmed to the bottom, checked out where you could get your tickets, and headed straight out the door to ensure you didn't miss out.Because of course you knew as soon as you saw this press release that these shows will sell out.

So what are you waiting for?

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