The Dears - Australia 2005


Date Venue Status
Wed 02 Mar, 2005 Prince of Wales, Melbourne
Thu 03 Mar, 2005 Gaelic Club, Sydney
Fri 04 Mar, 2005 The Zoo, Brisbane

"The Dears are one of the most exciting discoveries of 2004. Cool Percentage 100%. For making indie 100% as miserable as it should be." NME

As another year of touring dawns, The Frontier Touring Company rolls out yet another exciting new act for Australian audiences to get their teeth into.

And we're certainly not the only ones enamoured with The Dears. Comprised of Canadian’s Murray Lightburn (vocals/guitar), Natalia Yanchak (keyboards/vocals), Valerie Jodoin-Keaton (keyboards/flute), Martin Pelland (bass), George Donoso III (drums) and Patrick Krief (guitar), the band are no strangers to the top 10 lists of the world’s most discerning music media.

In the words of MTV, “if you crossed the graceful side of Blur with the Smiths and Tindersticks, you might come close to the sound of the Dears. A unisex six-piece, the Montreal group plays sumptuous, sophisticated and elegant orchestral rock with epic horns, keyboards and soaring strings. Britpop is not only back, but alive and well in Quebec."

The Guardian UK declared them the major contenders of 2005 and wrote, “at times it sounds like Montreal’s Dears are on a determined mission to whirl the early Smiths sound through different forms of music. They saunter past Belle and Sebastian, linger at early early Roxy Music, stare lovingly at dub and spend afternoons lapping up 1960s pop and Soft Machine-like jazz.”

Hitting stages in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane this March, The Dears gigs are going to be must sees. So don't kick yourself for months after, get your tickets nice and early for this one because word is about to spread fast about how good this band are. Their album No Cities Left (Speak 'n' Spell) is in stores now across Australia, so grab your tickets, load up the stereo and get ready for March 05.

Also appearing with The Dears are fellow Canadians The Organ. The Vancouver-based female quintet dominated the Canadian charts for twenty weeks in 2004 with their debut full-length album Grab That Gun. The album releases in Australia this February, so get ready to check them out as they support The Dears along with Australia’s very own Dan Brodie. By all reports Dan Brodie is busy turning past conceptions of his work on their head, so get their early to experience it first hand.

Don’t miss out – Tickets on sale now

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