Rooster - Australia 05


Date Venue Status
Wed 31 Aug, 2005 Ding Dong Lounge, Melbourne
Thu 01 Sep, 2005 Newtown RSL, Sydney


New English rockers Rooster have already won the hearts and minds of audiences in the UK and Japan. Now, it’s Australia’s turn to fall in love with the band’s cracking riff-driven guitar rock when Rooster tours Melbourne and Sydney later this month.

Rooster – Nick Atkinson, Luke Potashnick, Ben Smyth and David Neale – shot to stardom overseas with the release of their hot self-titled debut album. The album was a resounding success, debuting at #3 in the UK charts and securing gold sales in less than one week. The album also yielded four killer singles, two of which became Top 10 UK chart hits.

Boosted by their chart-topping success, Rooster went from being virtual unknowns to stars in the space of a few months, selling out two UK tours and another in Japan. And, as critics’ comments imply, all the hype is warranted:

“Rooster has all the hallmarks of a classic band.” BBC online

“The swagger of Oasis and Aerosmith’s riffs. The freshest thing to happen to rock for a long time.” Music Week

“Their deeply funky stew of Red Hot Chili Peppers, Led Zep and good old-fash rock packs a real punch… These lads cannot fail.” Daily Star

“Lead singer Nick Atkinson is clearly a born showman… In his head, he’s already playing Wembley. On this night’s showing, it’s probably only a matter of time until Rooster do.” Sunday Mirror

Now, Rooster is set to take control of the Australian music scene. The quartet’s first single for release down-under, the infectious Come Get Some is due out on August 7 through SONY BMG, with the album to follow two weeks later on August 21. Not surprisingly, the single is already rocking the airwaves on Australian radio.

Luke from Rooster boldly states that the band’s mission is to “bring back stadium rock. We want to remind people of the craft and the spirit and the sheer excitement of music that not only works in your heart and in your mind but blows you away out there on the big stage.”

Get along to see Rooster on their first ever Australian tour before they do hit the big time (and the big venues).

Rooster will be supported by popular local bands Osterberg in Melbourne and Modular Lounge in Sydney. Tickets on sale Friday August 5.

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