Nada Surf - Australian Tour


Date Venue Status
Wed 03 Sep, 2003 Corner Hotel, Melbourne
Thu 04 Sep, 2003 Metro Theatre, Sydney
Fri 05 Sep, 2003 The Zoo, Brisbane
Sat 06 Sep, 2003 Great Northern Hotel, Bryron Bay


In the words of Rolling Stone Magazine "Nada Surf show enough smarts and panache to leave most of their Nineties-rock peers eating hot dust."No small compliment when you consider the arduous path the band has travelled just to make it to 2003.

In brief, Nada Surf suffered the fate of many a band.Huge single climbs the charts.Creative "differences" with record company lead to tension, tension leads to severing of relations between said record company and band.Band unable to record for a number of years due to legal nasties. Band release their third album in 2003 to widespread critical acclaim.

Well that last bit doesn't always happen, and that's where the Nada Surf story gets REALLY interesting.Their third and latest album Let Go was released in Australia through Liberation in April 2003 to considerable media attention. B News announced "melodies so strong they immediately jump out of the speaker and grab you by the throat", The West Australian wrote "they only take a nanosecond to rip away memories of disposable ironic pop..." and Scene Magazine declared "melodic songwriting that would make Evan Dando blush".

Such acclaim obviously demanded a tour 'down under' and the team at The Frontier Touring Company faithfully answered the call and added some extra spice to the package.Not only will audiences experience the new improved Nada Surf live, but will also be entertained by Melbourne favourites Gersey and the newly signed Melbourne band Treetops.

Nada Surf, Gersey and Treetops will be a seriously rocking night, so make sure you secure your tickets fast.Tickets are on sale on Friday 18 July 2003.

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