Maroon 5 - Sydney & Melbourne 2004


Date Venue Status
Wed 14 Apr, 2004 Mercury Lounge, Melbourne
Thu 15 Apr, 2004 Gaelic Club, Sydney



Adam Levine - Vocals
Guitar James Valentine - Guitar
Jesse Carmichael - Keyboards
Mickey Madden - Bass
Ryan Dusick - Drums

If you think you haven't heard of Maroon 5, think again. These LA-based rockers have already had their debut single Harder To Breathe dominate Australian radio and their new single This Love (out March 8) recently raced into the top 20 on the Australian radio airplay charts.

So chances are you've been humming one of their catchy singles for some time now. Certainly the United States has embraced the band in a big way, with their debut album Songs About Jane recently securing platinum status. With all this in mind,one can't help but think that it's just a matter of time before Australia succumbs to Maroon 5's musical magic.

For this reason BMG and The Frontier Touring Company thought they'd give Sydney and Melbourne audiences the chance to experience Maroon 5 in intimate venues while they can.

Live, Maroon 5 have been proving they've more substance than just a one hit radio wonder. Popmatters wrote,"it was instantly apparent that the band was rehearsed and tight. The rock-style lineup of two guitars, bass, drums, and keyboards didn't miss a beat, and not one missed vocal note was audible."

While Uni paper The Tech declared,"their album is wonderful and well-recorded, but when brought to the stage, their music is rock done right – a fun and thrilling combination of rhythm and melody, rock and soul, and, most importantly, a sound that moves a crowd."

Maroon 5's album Songs About Jane is available now on Octane/J Records through BMG Australia. Do yourself a favour and get your tickets to the show, get the album in your CD player and start working those vocal cords because this is definitely a show you want to be at.

"The perfect blend of melody and grit – one of the best bands to come along in a while." John Mayer

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