Jewel - Solo Accoustic Tour


Date Venue Status
Sat 14 Feb, 2004 a day on the green - Bimbadgen Estate, Hunter Valley
Sun 15 Feb, 2004 a day on the green - Tolosa Park, Hobart
Tue 17 Feb, 2004 Palais Theatre, Melbourne
Wed 18 Feb, 2004 Sydney Opera House, Sydney
Thu 19 Feb, 2004 Sydney Opera House, Sydney
Fri 20 Feb, 2004 Sydney Opera House, Sydney
Sat 21 Feb, 2004 a day on the green - Rochford Wines, Yarra Valley
Sun 22 Feb, 2004 a day on the green - Kings Park, Perth

Jewel recently told the Las Vegas Review Journal, "I don't even try to sing great in the studio. It doesn 't inspire me at all. When I'm live,and there's an audience, I sing fifty times better than on the record."

When you consider that Jewel has sold over 19 million units internationally (of which 1 million units are in Australia alone) and her latest album went Gold just on the strength of her single Intuition, her comment seems somewhat bizarre.

Consider further that in Australia previous albums This Way (Gold), Spirit (2 x Platinum), and Pieces Of You (6 x Platinum) were major critical and commercial successes and her remark seems somewhat ludicrous.

Yet at the same time you have to feel some satisfaction with her statement because if she's that good on an album and her live shows are fifty times better, then her upcoming tour of Australia in February 2004 will be truly spectacular!

Yes, that's right, The Frontier Touring Company in conjunction with Roundhouse Entertainment are delighted to confirm that Jewel will bring her solo and acoustic tour to Australia next year. Already touring the United States in 2003, this highly anticipated tour will include a limited number of theatre and a day on the green winery shows the perfect vehicles to experience Jewel as she strips back her music to its' roots.

With a decade of material to choose from, Jewel Solo & Acoustic is a must see for both her long time and newly won fans. Time and again reviewers have commented that Jewel, more than any artist, connects with her audiences on a personal level. As the Boston Globe commented,"the songs she chose to sing brought out the best in her and revealed why she has such an intimate connection with her fans."

Riding high on the success of her latest single Stand, Jewel's solo and acoustic performance is a must see.

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