Dashboard Confessional - Australian Tour


Date Venue Status
Fri 27 Feb, 2004 The Arena, Brisbane
Sat 28 Feb, 2004 UNSW Roundhouse, Sydney
Sun 29 Feb, 2004 HiFi Bar & Ballroom, Melbourne
Mon 01 Mar, 2004 HiFi Bar & Ballroom, Melbourne

The Frontier Touring Company are serving up yet another act for Australia's underground music fans. And it's one that we know you've all been waiting for!

Dashboard Confessional defies all proven formulas on how a band should make it to the big time. Headed by Chris Carrabba this band that was once one, and is now four, "brings hardcore's extreme emotional purges into suburban bedrooms and major concert venues" (SPIN). And we're pretty damn happy to confirm that we're bringing them to a venue near you.

Fans flock to Dashboard Confessional concerts across the world, singing word perfectly in an awe inspiring chorus. As Rolling Stone pointed out, "their live shows are an astonishing phenomenon: intensely personal lyrics about heartbreak turned into a visceral community chorus - the intensity of the response to Dashboard evokes an arena concert by Springsteen or U2, not your average indie cult band in a small club."

Dashboard Confessional was devised as a solo project by Carrabba in 1999. His heart wrenchingly honest material struck a chord with young fans, creating a cult following, despite lack of commercial airplay. Hundreds of websites devoted to Carrabba increased awareness and as his profile continued to grow Carrabba gradually added band members to the mix, creating today's Dashboard Confessional lineup of Carrabba, drummer Mike Marsh, guitarist Johnny Leffler and bassist Scott Schoenbeck.

Dashboard Confessionals latest offering A Mark, A Mission, A Brand, A Scar was released in Australia in August 2003 (Vagrant through Festival Mushroom Records) to widespread delight. Expectations are that even more Australian's are about to catch on to why Dashboard Confessional was listed by SPIN magazine as #9 in the "40 Most Important Artists of 2003" list.

Despite his sudden rise to fame Carrabba has consistently maintained contact with his fans. As SPIN commented, "for a generation of young music fans weaned on videos extolling Cristal-spilling excess and coming down hard off the sugar rush of teen pop, Carrabba is the first musical star they see as accessible. He'll hang around concert venues before a show and linger for hours afterward, not leaving until every fan has had his or her interaction." He even takes journalists home to meet his mother.

Don't miss Dashboard Confessional's first tour of Australia. Tickets go on sale on Wednesday 28th January.

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