AFI - Australian Tour 2003


Date Venue Status
Wed 06 Aug, 2003 The Arena, Brisbane
Fri 08 Aug, 2003 UNSW Roundhouse, Sydney
Sat 09 Aug, 2003 HiFi Bar & Ballroom, Melbourne
Sun 10 Aug, 2003 HiFi Bar & Ballroom, Melbourne

Following a decade of cultivating one of the most passionate followings on the planet, AFI has broken through to mainstream acclaim in America and the UK with Sing The Sorrow.

ROLLING STONE awarded the new record four stars, calling it "a dark planet that refracts various strains of rock, from punk to hardcore to metal to mope rock, and beckons everyone to twist and shout along as the whole shit house burns," while a recent NME cover story proclaimed AFI "the world's most worshipped band," the NEW YORK TIMES raved that Sing The Sorrow "comes on with all the alluring menace of a pair of velvet knuckles."

Most recently vocalist Davey Havok joined Dave Grohl, Ozzy Osbourne, Marilyn Manson and members of Metallica, Jane's Addiction, Linkin Park on ROLLING STONE's triple-gatefold Monsters of Summer special issue.

The band's latest album Sing The Sorrow was co-produced by Jerry Finn (Rancid, Jawbreaker) and Butch Vig (Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins) and has already achieved GOLD status in the USA. The first single off the album Girls Not Grey is currently on high rotation with Triple J listeners jumping the single from the high 40's to the number 9 position in just one week.

Live, the band are legendary for their high impact, charismatic and energetic shows. To witness the AFI live experience is to understand both that unique internal chemistry and the undeniable bond between band and audience that has been honed and strengthened through nearly seven years of non-stop worldwide touring.

Terrorizer Magazine (UK) described AFI at their London Astoria gig as "a band who still rage like their life depends on it, leaping off the ground, hammering out their dusky glory with a passion..." and reviewers worldwide concur that AFI must be seen, to be truly experienced.

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