Date Venue Status
Fri 23 Nov, 2018 Harold Park Hotel, Sydney - (7:30pm) All Ages*
Fri 23 Nov, 2018 Harold Park Hotel, Sydney - (9:30pm) All Ages*
Sat 24 Nov, 2018 The Old Museum, Brisbane - (7:30pm) All Ages*
Sun 25 Nov, 2018 The Comic's Lounge, Melbourne - (3pm) All Ages*

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Frontier Comedy are very pleased to announce the first ever live solo shows for comedian, writer, podcaster and prolific content creator Christian Hull. Next month, Christian will take his iTunes Top 50 podcast Complete Drivel live to the stage at Sydney’s Harold Park Hotel (Fri 23 Nov), Brisbane’s The Old Museum (Sat 24 Nov) and Melbourne's The Comic’s Lounge (Sun 25 Nov). Tickets for all shows are on sale now.

Christian has spent the last nine years working for Australia’s largest radio network SCA as their National Digital Video Producer. He has created hours of hilarious content for the national Carrie & Tommy Show with The Project's Carrie Bickmore and comedian Tommy Little. In his downtime, Christian goes home to his inner-city Melbourne apartment and shoots off-the-cuff videos, producing a few of these a week for his own dedicated and steadily growing fan base. His hilarious characters, including wildly popular sassy alter-ego Trish, and parenting parodies have earned Christian over 775,000 online followers and tens of millions of views.

★★★★★ ‘Loved it so much I even Googled how to leave a review.’ - Catty616

★★★★★ ‘Really funny. Be prepared to hear literally EVERYTHING. Christian is so talented and down-to-earth.’ - Himbo99

In 2016 Christian expanded these short clips into longer-form episodes in a podcast format, which he named Complete Drivel. Despite Christian’s assertion that Complete Drivel is “a complete waste of time”, the frank, honest and customarily kooky podcast is a mainstay in the iTunes Top 50. Fans of the podcast are besotted with Christian’s open discussion of everything from his sexual experiences to general chit-chat and updates on his life.

Hull doesn’t limit himself to ‘real talk’ however, dropping in outlandish schtick such as learning to yodel for a few episodes, shopping for sex toys or answering fans’ invasive questions. It is this carefree, authentic attitude that his followers have come to adore.

And now “the shittest podcast on iTunes” is going live. Complete Drivel Live! will be a collection of stories from Christian’s childhood, growing up with triplet brothers and tales from his sexual past. He is single, childless and complains about anything and everything. This promises to be an even wilder ride than the podcast, and tickets are not expected to last long.

★★★★★ ‘Hey just wanted to tell everyone this is the best funniest podcast of all time from now and forever literally can’t wait for the next episode.’ - Skinbody

★★★★★ ‘I’ve been listening to this podcast on my way home from work and other cars must think I’m a crazy person as I’m always laughing.’ - Courtney16

★★★★★ ‘Off the cuff, unedited, raw and real. A podcast about nothing but better than an episode of Seinfeld.’ - Figgmar

Don't miss this incredible comedy creator when he brings his unfettered talents to the stage in his first solo show.


Fri 23 Nov (7:30pm) – Harold Park Hotel, Sydney (All Ages*) SOLD OUT!
Fri 23 Nov (9:30pm) – Harold Park Hotel, Sydney (All Ages*)
Sat 24 Nov – The Old Museum, Brisbane (All Ages*)
Sun 25 Nov – The Comic’s Lounge, Melbourne (All Ages*)

* Under 18s must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

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