The Kills - Australian Tour 2005


Date Venue Status
Wed 07 Dec, 2005 The Zoo, Brisbane
Thu 08 Dec, 2005 Newtown RSL, Sydney
Fri 09 Dec, 2005 Ding Dong Lounge, Melbourne
Sat 10 Dec, 2005 Meredith Music Festival, Meredith


It’s been two long years since The Kills last graced our shores. The year was 2003 and the London-based duo put on a series of sizzling shows with fellow indie-rockers Hot Hot Heat, which were met with rave reviews.

Now, the news that all of The Kills fans have been waiting for is in. The duo is returning to Australia this December to treat audiences in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne to their blistering live show.

For the past year, The Kills – Alison “VV” Mosshart and Jamie “Hotel” Hince – have been busy writing, recording and touring their latest album, No Wow (Liberation, April 2005). Like their first album Keep on Your Mean Side, No Wow strips rock ‘n’ roll back to its barest components, giving The Kills music a refreshingly raw and edgy feel.

The album has been whole-heartedly praised by industry critics: “No Wow is pure sex, pulsating blues-based rock and roll from start to finish.” Junkmedia

“A tight, mean set of songs.” All Music Guide

“Deep within No Wow beats the filthy heart of rock n roll.” Kerrang!

And the praise does not end here. The Kills are renowned for their live performances. At a recent show overseas supporting the highly popular Bloc Party, The Kills virtually stole the show: “The Kills are predictably, enigmatically, quite simply – brilliant. They give an immense 30 minute blast of raw, 21st century blues… and even though this is not their gig, if The Kills had longer than half an hour, Somerset House would be theirs for the taking.”

The Kills shows are fraught with tension and simmer with chemistry. VV and Hotel showcase rock at its very best. “The Kills know what rock ’n’ roll is… there aren’t a whole lot of people out there who do. The Kills look like they don’t wash. The Kills look like they don’t sleep. The Kills look like they want to have sex. The Kills eat, drink, shag and possibly intravenously inject rock ’n’ roll.” NME

Make sure you catch The Kills when they return to Australia this December.

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