Rod Stewart - In Concert


Date Venue Status
Wed 09 Feb, 2005 Westpac Centre, Christchurch
Thu 10 Feb, 2005 Westpac Centre, Christchurch
Sat 12 Feb, 2005 Mission Winery, Hawke's Bay
Mon 14 Feb, 2005 Brisbane Entertainment Centre, Brisbane
Tue 15 Feb, 2005 Brisbane Entertainment Centre, Brisbane
Fri 18 Feb, 2005 Sydney SuperDome, Sydney
Sat 19 Feb, 2005 Sydney SuperDome, Sydney
Mon 21 Feb, 2005 Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne
Tue 22 Feb, 2005 Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne
Wed 23 Feb, 2005 Adelaide Entertaiment Centre, Adelaide

"Thank you, Rod... Mr. Stewart... Sir, for restoring my faith in what it means to be a rock 'n'roll artist." Albuquerque Tribune Concert review August 3, 2004

With a career spanning forty years and more than 125 million album sales worldwide, Rod Stewart remains one of today's most successful and admired performers.

So it is with no small amount of pleasure that The Frontier Touring Company announce Rod Stewart's upcoming From Maggie May to The Great American Songbook tour of Australia and New Zealand.

In 1971 Rod Stewart topped the music charts globally with Maggie May. Thirty-three years on, The Great American Songbook series sees Rod back on top of the charts yet again. Volume I and II have already secured double platinum status in Australasia while predictions are that the release of Volume III It's So Romantic in late October 2004 (through BMG) will be equally successful.

Fans in both Australia and New Zealand can expect to be treated to a spectacular concert tour that Rod has spent the past year honing in the United States to widespread acclaim.

The first half of the show sees Rod performing the hits that have made him a household name across the world. After an intermission fans return to an extravagant set and a 19-piece, conductor-led orchestra. A debonair tuxedoed Rod then entertains his audience with big-band versions of the Songbook material. Without a doubt it is a concert that delivers exactly what Rod's fans are looking for .

In a recent US interview Rod explained his decision behind the tour format; "maybe I'm an old-fashioned entertainer, but I like to give people what I think they want.

"I know if Sam Cooke or Otis Redding were alive, or Billie Holiday – all the people I've looked up to... if Otis didn't do Try a Little Tenderness and Satisfaction, I would be very disappointed."

Rod Stewart returns to Australia and New Zealand in February 2005 for what is sure to be yet another sell out tour for this legendary artist.

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