Hot Hot Heat - Australian Tour


Date Venue Status
Tue 13 Sep, 2005 Corner Hotel, Melbourne
Wed 14 Sep, 2005 Metro Theatre, Sydney
Thu 15 Sep, 2005 Prince of Wales, Melbourne
Fri 16 Sep, 2005 The Arena, Brisbane


Set to Scorch on Australian Tour

Australia, get your dancing shoes on. Hot Hot Heat are headed our way to whip music lovers into a frenzy in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney with a good dose of catchy danceable rock.

Canadian-based Hot Hot Heat rose to notoriety with the release of their debut album, Make Up the Breakdown in 2002 (SUB POP Records). Featuring the hit songs “Bandages”, “No, Not Now”, “Talk to Me, Dance with Me” and “Oh Goddamnit”, the album won Steve Bays (vocals), Paul Hawley (drums), Dustin Hawthorne (bass) and Dante DeCaro (guitar) an army of followers worldwide, scooping up a Canadian Independent Music Award in the process.

Now, sporting a new guitarist in Luke Paquin following DeCaro’s departure, Hot Hot Heat are set to unleash material from their latest album Elevator (Warner, April 2005) on Australian audiences during their upcoming tour.

Frontman Bays describes Elevator as “a heightened version of what we’ve been doing from the beginning.” Music critics are also singing the album’s praises:

“Elevator contains some of the finest pure pop-rock songs of the year so far; it’s a fourteen-track, thirty-seven-minute rush of pleasure.” Rolling Stone, April 2005

“Breakdown was a kicky little exercise in how to make a great pop record. Elevator shows how to make one of substance.” NME, April 2005

“Elevator has the zing of classic pop – and its sureness too.” Blender, May 2005

“They (Hot Hot Heat) have straightened up and laser-targeted the charts with an arsenal of tunes… that sound custom-built to colonise radio playlists.” The Guardian UK, April 2005

To be part of the fun and the frenzy when Hot Hot Heat take to the stage this September, get your tickets first thing on Monday 1 August.

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