Fantomas - Australian Tour 2005


Date Venue Status
Sat 10 Sep, 2005 The Tivoli, Brisbane
Sun 11 Sep, 2005 Enmore Theatre, Sydney
Tue 13 Sep, 2005 The Palace, Melbourne
Thu 15 Sep, 2005 Metropolis, Fremantle

FANTÔMAS Australian Tour Imminent     

Sinfully-good vicious rock band Fantômas are no strangers to our shores. A steady following in Australia has seen the American group make the long trip down-under time again, always leaving a trail of thrilled fans begging for more in their wake. With this in mind, it is with much pleasure that The Frontier Touring Company announce the return of Fantômas to Australia this September. The tour will treat fans in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Fremantle.

Online music zine Delusions of Adequacy believes that what draws people to Fantômas is “the ability to boil down a punk or metal song’s most invigorating or infuriating moments – the thrashing of a chorus, the inspiring velocity of a particular bridge, the throat-shedding roar of a furious frontman – to its most raw and basic elements. A Fantômas song… contains all the unbridled energy of what bands half their stature can muster in songs three times as long.”

Named after an anti-hero in a series of pre-WW1 crime novels, Fantômas boasts some of the rock’s most impressive musicians: Mike Patton (Faith No More, Mr Bungle and Tomahawk); Buzz Osborne (Melvins); Trevor Dunn (Mr Bungle); and Dave Lombardo (Slayer). Since their formation in the late 1990s, Fantômas have repeatedly stunned both critics and fans alike with their musical creativity and ingenuity. Their last album, Delirium Cordia was a one-track 70-plus-minute journey into the terrors of the subconscious. Their latest release Suspended Animation (Ipecac, April 2005) is a world away from this, a 30-song, 43 minute celebration of Looney Tunes cartoons and the calendar month of April.

Music critics are lavishing praise on the album. Junkmedia labeled it “a technical marvel”, Dusted Reviews proclaimed it “shitloads of fun” and Drowned in Sound declared it “fucking insane”.

If you’ve never seen Fantômas, this is your chance to be blown away when they let loose on their forthcoming Australian tour. If you’re lucky enough to have seen them already, no doubt you’ll already be queuing up for tickets, which go on sale Thursday 4 August.

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