Blood Brothers - Australia & New Zealand


Date Venue Status
Thu 14 Jul, 2005 Corner Hotel, Melbourne
Fri 15 Jul, 2005 Gaelic Club, Sydney
Sat 16 Jul, 2005 The Rev, Brisbane
Sun 17 Jul, 2005 The Rev, Brisbane
Tue 19 Jul, 2005 Kings Arms, Auckland

Touring July 2005

Brace yourselves, people. Seattle-based outfit Blood Brothers are bringing their ferocious, in-your-face style of punk-rock down-under.

Formed in 1997, Blood Brothers – Jordan Blilie (vocals), Mark Gajadhar (drums), Morgan Henderson (bass, keyboard), Cody Votolato (guitar) and Johnny Whitney (vocals, keyboard) – have released four albums. The content of each album is fuelled by the group’s alternative views on mainstream culture and society. The results are mind-blowing.

“Cain-and-Abel vocal dueling is what sears Blood Brothers’ message into the listener’s ears, brain and soul… But the use of the twin-pronged vocal attack as an instrument in its own right is never relied upon to be the sole weapon in Blood Brothers’ arsenal. Intelligence is mirrored in the deployment of the music behind it. There is fierce, post-hardcore piston guitar and falling-boulder-bass aplenty.” (

Blood Brothers launch themselves into their music headfirst. This approach has won them a wealth of praise and a host of fans, particularly following the release of their third album, Burn, Piano Island, Burn. Their fourth album, Crimes (out now through V2) is being similarly well-received.

Here’s what the critics had to say about it:

“The Brothers’ fourth full length album builds on a perfect ensnarement of ferocity and maturity – of screamo spazz fury and their ever-growing acumen for indelible songwriting… The Brothers’ foray into new styles and a slower pace equal something like a more listenable, more thoughtful, more cohesive version of Burn.”


“Crimes is an intriguing album... a highlight of the year.”


“Crimes is a record that should fill us all with hope. This music can explode … capture a parish and turn the negativity of frustration into a motivating drive for change.”


“It’s like sex at the speed of sound.”

(Vice Magazine Australia)

To be blown away by Blood Brothers, be sure to buy your ticket to their brutal live show on Thursday 2 June. Support will be provided by Brisbane group The Scare.

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