Atmosphere - Australia & NZ Tour


Date Venue Status
Wed 19 Jul, 2006 The Studio, Auckland
Fri 21 Jul, 2006 Esplanade Hotel, Melbourne
Mon 24 Jul, 2006 Candy's Apartment, Sydney




“Rhymesayers don’t do shows. We throw parties.” Brother Ali

In April, Atmosphere and Brother Ali carved up Australian stages on a headline tour. Come July, Atmosphere and Brother Ali will head down-under to do it all again. This time, they’ll be performing at hip-hop events in Australia and New Zealand along with Rhymesayers label-mate P.O.S. and a host of local talent yet to be announced.

The events will take place at The Studio in Auckland NZ on Wednesday 19 July, The Esplanade Hotel in Melbourne on Friday 21 July and at Home in Sydney on Monday 24 July, and will showcase some of the greatest hip-hop currently on offer. Both local and international artists will perform throughout the evening in what is sure to be a night music fans will long remember.

Headlining is the incomparable Atmosphere. With a sound that helped to define Minnesota hip-hop and a career nudging nine years, Atmosphere have long been at the forefront of the independent hip-hop scene. Their latest album You Can’t Imagine How Much Fun We’re Having has been described as their best work to date, and their live shows are energetic and enthralling affairs.

Of Atmosphere’s recent Australian performances, Inthemix commented, “It takes a quality emcee to rock over a band and Slug controlled things, working through tracks like God Loves Ugly, Smart Went Crazy and Pour Me Another. The crowd surged and bounced…. Rhymesayers crew truly know how to rock a party.” April 2006

A similarly talented performer, Brother Ali is renowned for his cracking live shows and commanding on-stage presence. With new material due for release this Spring on his forthcoming album The Undisputed Truth and his recent Australian performances reinforcing his status as one of the most exciting rappers in the business, Ali is one must-see act.

“Brother Ali stepped on stage. Over a medley of old school instruments he got the crowd going nuts… This was the best live hip hop I’ve seen in a long time, if not ever.” Inpress Magazine, April 2006

Although still relatively new to the Australasian hip-hop market, P.O.S. is no less a star than his label-mates. P.O.S.’s love of music began when he first picked up a bass guitar at the age of seven. He spent the next few years banging away at the instrument, and punk rock became his first love. But over the following years P.O.S. discovered rhyme. Today, P.O.S.’s music combines the best of both these worlds, channelling the emotion of punk rock with the wit and lyricism of underground hip-hop, as demonstrated on his current release Audition.

With three brilliant overseas acts already confirmed for these events and a heap of local talent yet to be announced, this is one party you definitely don’t want to miss!


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