Swans 2013 (AUS)


Date Venue Status
Wed 13 Feb, 2013 Manning Bar, Sydney - 18+
Fri 15 Feb, 2013 Corner Hotel, Melbourne - 18+

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After astounding Sydney & Melbourne audiences in 2011 with their confronting presence, The Frontier Touring Company is pleased to announce the return of the legendary Swans to Australia next February.

One of the most influential bands to emerge from New York’s ‘No Wave’ movement of the early 1980s, Swans have spent 30 years carving their uncompromising sounds into the “dark” musical world. Since their inception, Swans have amassed an impressive 12 studio album catalogue; and at each step of the journey relentlessly pushed boundaries and pummelled listeners into rarely explored depths with their dissonant sounds. Swans’ contribution to this genre is truly second to none and is often cited as influence to their musical contemporaries.

Since front man and driving force Michael Gira decided to reconvene the group in 2010 after over a decade hiatus, Swans have released two studio albums and one live recording, the latest of which, The Seer (out now through younggodrecords.com), has been described by Gira as ‘the culmination of every previous Swans album as well as any other music I’ve ever made, been involved in or imagined’ and has had nothing short of exceptional reviews rolling in since its release (including ratings of 8/10 on both NME & Spin):

‘For 30 years Swans have challenged the boundaries between beauty and ugliness, music and noise, catharsis and abuse.

To borrow a verb from their own violent, polarized world, The Seer is the album that transcends them.’

– Pitchfork (9.0 rating / Pitchfork “Best New Music”)

‘The Seer is uncompromising, towering, cathartic – trance music that doesn’t pacify, but elates and exhausts.’ – Montreal Gazette

Following their reconvention, Swans embarked on an extensive tour of Europe, US and, for the first time, Australia; the performance having been consistently met with rapturous reviews:

‘It was a passionate, visceral performance, orchestrated by Gira throughout, which it was impossible not to be overwhelmed and enveloped by.’ – Drum Media

‘…the loudest and most thrilling set of the weekend, great tidal waves of noise crash and collide; beauty and chaos meet, showing us heaven and hell, the perfect chord, the divine inspiration. Dark...loud…and utterly f***ing awesome.’ - Clashmusic

The all-consuming live performances for which Swans are renown take audiences on a journey described by Gira himself as “…totally immersive …sound that takes your body, mind, and spirit.” If you missed the journey last year, be sure to purchase your tickets quickly so as to not let the sincerely unique experience pass you by again.



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