We want the process to be as simple as possible for you! Click here to read our tips.

TIP ONE:  Plan early! Where possible, don't leave it to the day of the pre-sale to sign up as a Frontier Member or a member of the ticketing agency. If you have problems joining, we may not be able to help you before the pre-sale starts.

TIP TWO:  Following a tour’s announcement, existing Frontier Members will be sent a pre-sale email with information relating to the pre-sale (depending on their selected genre preferences).  Keep the email handy so that you can go straight from it to buying tickets once the pre-sale begins - remember to take note of your pre-sale code!

TIP THREE:  If you have not received your pre-sale e-card, visit the relevant artist tour page on our website and click on the pre-sale section (make sure that you’re signed in as a Frontier Member).  The pre-sale section will display all your pre-sale information.  We suggest that you email yourself your info (click on the email icon) – that way you can head straight to the ticketing website when the pre-sale begins!

TIP FOUR: Read the pre-sale FAQ! It’s filled with answers to common questions that we've refined over many pre-sales!

TIP FIVE: Be patient. During popular pre-sales the ticketing sites may become congested. This is common on large shows and all that we can recommend is that you keep trying the link.

TIP SIX:  Make sure you write your pre-sale code down. You'll need it to enter the password protected area of the ticketing site.  If you are having issues typing your pre-sale code in manually, please try copying and pasting the code exactly as you see it appear on your email or computer screen.

TIP SEVEN: On some larger scale tours, some ticketing agencies implement queuing systems in order to allow the highest number of customers onto their website without it crashing.  A countdown timer will start as soon as you visit the ticketing site.  In order to maximise the time you have to complete your transaction, only click through or arrive on the ticketing site once you are ready to purchase.

TIP EIGHT: The most important tip of all! Keep an eye out on our social networking pages – Facebook and Twitter. Any updates on Frontier Members pre-sales are posted on these pages as they happen so it is the best place to stay in the loop.