What do you recommend as being the best way to buy tickets to a concert - internet, phone or in person at ticketing outlets?

We recommend that you use the ticket purchase method that you are most confident with once tickets are on sale to the general public. Please note that for Frontier Members pre-sales, tickets can only be purchased online.

There are lots of differing theories on which method of ticket purchase is best. The internet may be the fastest as it's just a click and buy process, however congestion on a website can mean you can't access to buy.

Some frequent concert goers swear by the more ‘obscure’ ticketing outlets, where line-ups are less likely.

The reality is that queues can happen on the phone, the internet and at ticketing outlets.

On most major tours, all tickets are stored within one central ticketing system, meaning that when a ticket is purchased via internet, phone or in person, it is immediately removed from the central system.

You may find that you aren’t able to access tickets quickly after they have gone on sale. This doesn’t necessarily mean that they have sold out; this is because of the ‘dibs’ system put in place by ticketing agencies.