Dead Can Dance 2013 (AUS)


Date Venue Status
Wed 06 Feb, 2013 Palais Theatre, Melbourne - All Ages

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The Frontier Touring Company is pleased to welcome the return of Dead Can Dance to Australian shores for their first run of shows here in more than twenty years.

This very special performance at Melbourne’s Palais Theatre coincides with the band’s shows at the Sydney Opera House that were recently announced to the delight of fans and critics alike.

Dead Can Dance, made up of Brendan Perry and Lisa Gerrard, will be touring in celebration of their first studio album together in 16 years, Anastasis (out now through [PIAS]/Liberator Music).

‘It's the kind of impact and elegance that can be hard to put into words, but searching for a perfect expression is arguably exactly what Dead Can Dance have always strived to achieve.’ – Pitchfork

‘Glorious and poetically grand, Anastasis churns with an intensity woven throughout its eight tracks, with stories of rebirth, isolation, stoicism and identity.’ – Tonedeaf

This world tour is the pair’s most extensive tour to date and sees Dead Can Dance visit four continents and countless cities across 2012 and 2013.

Dead Can Dance’s music awakens and arouses the senses when placed on the live stage. Across their performances, Perry and Gerrard exhibit their mastering of a wide range of both modern and traditional instruments including keys, synthesisers, Chinese dulcimers and a variety of gourd instruments.

‘Perry and creative partner Lisa Gerrard embarked on voyages geographical and spiritual, touching on music ancient, modern and exotic while aiming for cerebral enlightenment.’ – Chicago Tribune

This theatre performance is set to be a once in a lifetime experience for those lucky enough to attend. Don’t miss the opportunity to witness the enchanting magic when Dead Can Dance take the stage for this very special show.



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